Our Preventive Maintenance & Repair Service

For us, having “Service” as our middle name is no mere coincidence.  We take seriously our commitment to timely, professional and responsible service.

For years a service void existed in the fitness industry in Puerto Rico.  Equipment was available for purchase, but finding reliable service and maintenance at an affordable price was a different story. 

For the past 17 years FitnessServicePR has been fulfilling that need.  We offer two types of repair/maintenance service:  1) one-time residential equipment repairs, and  2) contract repair service for commercial, corporate, hotel and multi-family housing (ie. condominium and urbanization clubhouse) fitness facilities.

We have three alternatives for contracted service/maintenance:  Gold, Silver & Bronze plans. These plans provide the regular, professional maintenance necessary to keep equipment functioning optimally and can stretch your budget 25%-40% by lengthening equipment lifetimes. These plans also provide  “on-call” emergency response were the equipment to need attention between the periodically-scheduled service calls.

GOLD PLAN:  This plan is available to customers who purchase their new equipment from our company and immediately place it in our program of monthly maintenance.  All parts and labor are included in the annual fee.  Response to a client’s request for emergency repair service is guaranteed within 24 hours.

SILVER PLAN:  Monthly maintenance for equipment and response to a client’s request for emergency service within 48 hours.  Any replacement parts and related labor are quoted separately; if approved by client they are payable upon installation.

BRONZE PLAN:  Quarterly (4 times per year) maintenance plan for strength equipment only. Response to a client’s request for emergency service within 72 hours.  Any replacement parts and related labor are quoted separately; if approved by client they are payable upon installation. 

Note:  Cardiovascular equipment not accepted for maintenance under the Bronze plan. However a customer could contract for a “split plan” in which the cardiovascular units would be maintained monthly (Silver Plan) and the strength machines on a quarterly basis (Bronze Plan).


Fitness equipment, as with all other types of machinery, needs periodic service and maintenance.  Just like an automobile’s oil must be regularly changed or there will be a repair cost to be paid in the future, fitness machines also require timely lubrication, adjustment & alignment, cleaning, and etc. The frequency at which fitness equipment should be serviced is periodic, but also generally related to the amount of time it is used and how durably it is constructed.

COMMERCIAL equipment, the type recommended for high-use facilities, such as 24-hour commercial gyms, should be tended to on a monthly schedule, at the very least.

LIGHT COMMERCIAL equipment (sometimes referred to as “Institutional”), the type that is recommended for use in facilities where it would normally be used 4-6 hours daily, requires a less-frequent maintenance program and might be well-served by being tended to on a quarterly basis.  The type of facilities in this class would be those found in corporate fitness centers, factories, hotels, multi-family housing (condominiums and urbanization clubhouses), fire and police stations, schools/universities, and etc.

RESIDENTIAL equipment is the type purchased in retail stores or via the internet and usually found in single-family dwellings.  Here the maintenance is generally carried out on a semi-annual or annual basis, depending on amount of use.

It is recommended that all equipment in all types of facility be wiped down daily after use in order to remove the sweat, whose corrosive effect can be extensive.  It is said that there is more salt in sweat than there is in ocean water.

What is Preventive Maintenance?  It implies close inspection of the piece of equipment, looking for any variance from factory specifications; any abnormal structure or functioning that may result in a safety risk for the users or undue or premature wear of a machine’s components.  We look for  proper alignment/adjustment, check hardware and fasteners for proper tightness/tension, lubricate/grease the components, verify electrical cables and connections, clean the components and apply the products that the manufacturers recommend to help protect and beautify the various surfaces of the equipment.